Thursday, November 11, 2010

Haitus Schmaitus

My last post was two and a half years ago. That was my version of seeing how long I could hold my breath under water. Turns out I have writer's gills.

This time around, I'm not saddled down by A: being in an HR management job, where I have to watch my every word, and B: being anonymous, so all my future self-incriminations can only be linked to me by a good hacker or a court order.

So what's new? I'm out of the corporate world, and I'm in the consulting game. I like to think of it as "we're seeing other people for now, but we both know we'll get back together someday." I wasn't exactly climbing my way out of my existential crisis by finding the deeper meaning in corporate whack-a-mole. And consulting is nice. She has a really great personality.